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The 5 Most Commonly Replaced Car Parts | Jack Miller Parts | Kansas City, MO

The 5 Most Commonly Replaced Car Parts | Jack Miller Kia Parts | Kansas City, MO

The 5 Most Commonly Replaced Car Parts and When to Replace Them

No car part lasts forever, but some have a shorter lifespan than others, especially if they’re not properly cared for. Here are some of the most commonly replaced car parts and how to know when you should replace them.

1: Battery

Most people don’t think about their battery until it starts to give them trouble. If you notice that your engine is struggling to turn over, the battery is leaking fluid, the terminals are dirty, or any other cosmetic issues, it may be time to replace it. Even without any issues, replace your battery every four to five years.

2: Lights

Headlight and taillight components burn out and break easily, and these are some of the most important parts on your car, since they signal when you’re turning, changing lanes, and braking, as well as lighting your way in the dark. Check all of your lights regularly and replace them if you notice any issues—it’s one of the easiest DIY car maintenance tasks.


3: Windshield

A small window crack can escalate into a much bigger problem in no time. If you have a crack or scratch, get it filled in as soon as possible, and clean your windshield often even if you don’t. This can help protect the glass from scratches and cracks.


4: Spark plugs and fuses

Spark plugs and fuses are both small parts that help your vehicle run efficiently. Spark plugs make accelerating, idling, and driving in general much smoother, so if you notice issues with this, you may need to replace some. Fuses are necessary for your electric components to work, like the windshield wipers and heater.

5: Brake components

Brakes are constantly in use, so brake pads and rotors can wear down quickly. Brake pads will start to make squealing noises when they need to be replaced, but if you let them go for too long it will start to damage the rotor, leading to a much more serious grinding. It’s important to regularly replace your brake pads and calipers for this reason.

You can find replacements for each of these parts when you shop at Jack Miller Parts.

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