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Auto Parts FAQs | North Kansas City, MO

Auto Parts Frequently Asked Questions | North Kansas City, MO
If you have any questions about auto parts, be sure to check here for frequently asked questions or give us a call at the Jack Miller Parts Center.

Q: What is a VIN number and why do I need it?
A: VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. Every vehicle has a unique VIN that identifies them and provides important information about the car. This number might be necessary to make sure you get the correct parts, such as the engine or transmission, when you’re replacing them.

You can find the VIN on your registration, inside the driver’s door, or on your dashboard, depending on your vehicle.

Q: What do the different part grades (A, B, etc.) mean?
A: For used parts, grading usually signifies the age and condition of the part. A Grade used parts are from low-mileage cars or are in exceptionally good condition for their mileage, while B Grade parts are from vehicles with mid-range mileage or in average condition for their mileage.

Q: What is a core charge?
A core charge is a deposit you pay that encourages you to return your old part when you replace it with a new one so that the old part can be recycled.

Q: What’s the difference between universal/aftermarket parts and OEM parts?
A: OEM parts are parts designed by the manufacturer to fit your car. They’re more reliable across the board than aftermarket parts, but they can also be more expensive.  Aftermarket or universal parts are designed to fit a wide range of vehicles.

Q: How does buying used parts help the environment?
A: The more you buy used, the less is produced! Buying used parts reduces waste, and their quality is often almost as high as new parts. It’s also more affordable for you. You can get both OEM and aftermarket parts used, so consider it the next time you need a part replaced.

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