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The Benefits of Installing a Remote Start System | Jack Miller Parts | Kansas City, MO

2019 Kia Sportage | Jack Miller Kia Parts | Kansas City, MO

The Benefits of Installing a Remote Start System

Remote start systems add convenience and save time in your everyday life, and at Jack Miller Parts, we can install one on your Kia at competitive prices in no time. If you’re not sure a remote start system is for you, we have some reasons for you to consider.

1: Warm your car up from inside

Every Missourian knows the pain of getting into your freezing car on a winter morning and shivering until it heats up. Remote start lets you turn your car on from inside and lets you go straight from your warm house to your warm car.

2: Defrost in advance

You don’t have to scrape ice off your windshield to make it to work on time when you have remote start. Turn your car’s defrost on in advance, and the ice will be melted away when you’re ready to go.

Plus, most of us don’t have time to scrape the entire windshield in the morning, so we just clear a hole big enough to see through—not very safe!

Another hazard of winter driving is the condensation that forms on windshield, which then freezes and makes driving dangerous until your defroster gets warm enough to clear it. Remote start lets you avoid this.


3: Cool your car off

On the other hand, on hot summer days, nothing is worse than burning your legs and hands on a hot car interior. Turn your car on remotely and get the AC running so it’s cooled off by the time you’re ready to go.


4: Save time

In general, you’ll save so much time in your day by installing a remote start system. No more last minute ice-scraping that makes you five minutes late for work, no sitting in your car waiting for it to heat up before you pull out. All you have to do is get in the car and put it in drive—you don’t even have to turn it on!


5: Make kids happier

Kids are a lot more sensitive to extreme temperatures than adults, so imagine how they feel shivering in a cold car in the mornings. Installing remote start will improve your kids’ quality of life even more than your own.

To learn more about this automotive feature, feel free to speak with our staff at Jack Miller Parts.

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