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How To Check Belts & Hoses | North Kansas City, MO

Belts & Hoses How To | Jack Miller Kia Parts | North Kansas City, MO

You’ve probably heard it before: monitoring your vehicle’s belts and hoses is an important part of routine car maintenance. While this is certainly true, it doesn’t do any good if you’re not sure how to properly identify and assess the condition of these components. Luckily, monitoring your vehicle’s belts and hoses is relatively simple, and can help you identify a problem before it develops into a more costly concern. Read on to learn more about how to check your car’s belt and hoses.



Typically, your “hoses” refers to your vehicle’s coolant and heater hoses, which are both important and vulnerable. Designed to hold coolant at specific pressure levels, your car’s hoses are subjected to particularly demanding conditions. Some general tips when checking on your car’s hoses include:


  • With the engine off, squeeze hoses near clamp points. A good hose will be firm yet pliant.
  • Keep an eye our for cracks, bulges or collapsed sections of hose.
  • Pay particular attention to the upper radiator hose, as this is the most frequently problematic hose under your car’s hood.
  • Make a habit of flushing and replacing your vehicle’s coolant seasonally. You can easily find out how to do this by consulting your owner’s manual.


Belts work to keep many of your vehicle’s crucial system running, though they are subjected to near-constant stress from heat, friction, ozone, and oil. Here are some tips for monitoring your vehicle’s accessory belts.
  • Routinely examine all belts for cracks, splits, or other structural damage. Replacing a damaged belt is much easier than addressing a larger problem causes by a failed belt.
  • Watch out for glazed belts, as these can easily slip, overheat, or crack.
  • High-pitched squealing or chirping while driving is often causes by a damaged belt. If you notice any new, loud sounds coming from under the hood, check your belts yourself or seek the advice of a trained technician.

If you have any additional questions regarding your vehicle’s belts and hoses, feel free to speak with our staff at the Jack Miller Parts Center.

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