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Understanding Dashboard Warning Lights | North Kansas City, MO

Dashboard Warning Lights | North Kansas City, MO
It happens to all of us – a dashboard light goes on and we wonder what it could mean. Some of these lights pertain to simple things, like a seat belt being off or a door being open, and things you’re in control of, like your headlights and hazards. But the dashboard warning lights could also indicate that there’s potentially something wrong with your vehicle that isn’t an easy fix.

Here are a few common alerts that we at Jack Miller Parts think you should know about.

Engine Management Light
This light goes on when your vehicle detects that something with your engine management system is potentially not functioning correctly. If this light comes on, seek immediate mechanical attention.

General Warning Light
This light usually comes on with other warnings and is meant to alert you that there is a problem with your vehicle. See the other warning lights that turn on for more information.

Brake System Alert
A low brake fluid level usually causes this light alert. You should seek professional help to check for leaks or damage to the
break lines.

Tire Pressure Monitor Light
This light is triggered when the car thinks the pressure in your tires is low. This may mean that you simply need to fill one or more of them up with air to fix the issue. However, your tire may also be damaged, and you should pay attention while you’re filling it to see if there’s a leak or other issue. If there is, you may need to have the tire patched or replaced.

Battery Warning Light
When this light goes on, you should seek professional assistance. It means that your battery is low/having trouble charging (potentially due to a broken alternator belt). If you don’t address this issue, your car battery may die, and you’ll have a tougher time getting it to the shop for maintenance.

Bulb Failure Alert
This little light bulb light alert means that there’s a problem with a vehicle bulb, and you should seek help to get the electrical system checked and the bulb replaced if needed.
Temperature Warning Light
This light comes on to alert the
drive that the engine may potentially overheat. When this light comes on, its recommended that the driver stops the vehicle to let the engine cool. If you receive this alert, you will want to get your car evaluated to see what is causing the engine to overheat.

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