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Keep More Gas in the Tank During Winter | Kansas City, MO

More Gas in the Tank During Winter | Kansas City, MO
Running out of gas can put a damper on your day, especially if you happen to run out of gas in winter. While you may be able to get away with running on half, or even a quarter, of a tank, do you really want to risk it? There are more potential issues you could run into if you don’t keep your gas tank full during the coming winter months.

Benefits to Keeping More Gas in the Tank

First and foremost, keeping more gas in the tank ensures that you can stay warm if you end up stranded out in the country. Without gas, you won’t be able to using your car’s heating system to fend off the creeping cold of winter.

Second, dirt in the fuel tank can end up stuck in the fuel filter. That can cause major problems down the road. Keeping more gas in the tank lets dirt settle at the bottom of the tank, keeping it from the filter.

Third, having a full tank of gas ensures you won’t run out of gas in a traffic jam. With a full tank, you could sit comfortably in traffic until the blockage clears up.


Risks of Keeping Less Gas in the Tank

In addition to the reasons listed above, condensation can build up in the gas tank. That condensation can then seep into the fuel lines and freeze if the temperature drops low enough. While condensation can form all year long, it only becomes a real risk in winter.

Your fuel pump needs to stay cool in order to function properly. Generally, the fuel in the gas tank does that job all on its own. When the gas in the tank begins to run low, the fuel pump might start to suck in air. Without fuel to keep the pump cool, it could start to overheat and fail to function properly.

Another way to prepare you vehicle for winter’s worst is to bring it in here to Jack Miller Parts for service.

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