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How To Prepare Your Kia For Cold Weather | Jack Miller Parts | Kansas City, MO

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How to Prepare Your Kia for Cold Weather

Preparing your Kia for cold weather requires taking proper precautions and examining each part of the vehicle. A professional dealership technician can make sure all is well, but drivers can still do more. Check out these tips to prepare your Kia for cold weather.

Get Winter Tires

All-season tires are great in areas that receive mild winters, but harsh winters will require something more. Winter tires can help drivers handle the Missouri winter with more confidence behind the wheel.

Test the Battery

Cold weather can do a number on any car battery. Bad batteries are susceptible to failing under harsh conditions. Have a professional test the battery and replace or charge it if necessary. It always helps to keep jumper cables easily accessible if the battery does fail.


Create an Emergency Kit

Getting stranded in a car during winter can leave passengers cold, hungry, and thirsty. Creating an emergency kit can help keep everyone comfortable until help arrives. Simple winter items, like gloves, boots, and blankets, can provide some warmth. A USB cord is perfect for keeping smartphone devices charged. Extra food and water can help keep people relaxed.

Roadside Assistance

Many automakers offer roadside assistance as a benefit of buying a new car. Kia vehicles are great at breaking through snow and continuing on the road after other cars have gotten stuck. Sometimes, however, no vehicle can handle the harsh winter road conditions. A roadside assistance membership can provide peace of mind all winter long.

Plan Ahead

Harsh weather can overwhelm even the most prepared drivers on the road. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead. In addition to creating an emergency kit, drivers should keep a snow shovel and extra floor mats in their trunk. If you get stuck, use the shovel to clear an area around the car. Next, clear the snow from beneath the primary front or rear tires, depending on whether the car is front- or rear-wheel drive. Drive slowly to have the best chance of freeing your car!

For additional parts to help you brave the winter weather, stop by Jack Miller Parts.

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