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Replace Air Filter | Jack Miller Parts | North Kansas City, MO

Replace Air Filter | Jack Miller Kia Parts | North Kansas City, MO

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Car Air Filter

Air filters are a rather simple part that plays a major role in the engine block. Typically, you should replace the air filter once a year, depending on how much you drive. A dirty air filter can negatively impact efficiency and performance. Here are a few signs that it’s time to replace your car air filter.

Fuel Economy

A decline in fuel economy may be a sign that there’s a problem with the air filter. If the engine isn’t getting enough air, it has to use more fuel to maintain performance output. A clean air filter can improve air flow and fuel economy.

Strange Engine Sounds

A well-functioning engine will hum smoothly when the car is stationary. If the engine sounds rough, like it’s coughing, or makes a slipping sound, it’s a sign that there’s something wrong. Generally, these sounds are the result of a damaged spark plug, which, in turn, is caused by a dirty air filter.

If the engine isn’t starting up easily, a dirty air filter may be the cause. Failure to start easily means that the engine isn’t getting enough air.

Service Engine Light

The Service Engine light will flash on the dashboard if there isn’t enough air flowing to the engine. One of the most common causes of a lack of air flow is due to a dirty air filter. If air can’t get to the engine, it can result in a drop in performance.

Lackluster Performance

Lackluster performance is a common sign that there’s something wrong with the engine. In many cases, the problem is an affordable fix, such as replacing an air filter. If your car is having trouble accelerating or jerks when you push on the gas pedal, odds are the engine isn’t receiving enough air. If the air filter is clean, consult a professional mechanic to diagnose the source of the problem.


Dirty Air Filter

Sometimes the most obvious sign it’s time to replace your car air filter is simply by how it looks. If the air filter looks dirty, or is off-white in color, it’s time for a replacement. As the filter does its job, catching dust and dirt, it will turn dark in color.

For a brand-new air filter for your vehicle, be sure to visit Jack Miller Parts.

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