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Signs Of A Failing Battery | North Kansas City, MO

Failing Battery | North Kansas City, MO
Cold winter weather can be taxing on your vehicle, especially on your battery. This makes winter the prefect time to get behind the wheel of a new Kia, such as the 2018 Soul or Niro PHEV, both of which can handle the strain of winter with ease. Either way, be sure to watch out for these signs of a failing battery all winter long, and stop by Jack Miller Parts to learn more about keeping your Kia in the best shape possible throughout the year.
Slow Engine Crank
Your battery provides the power necessary to get your engine started. That’s why one of the first signs of a failing battery is a slow engine crank. If your vehicle is having
trouble starting or is starting slowly, it could be time to replace your battery.
Electrical Problems
Another thing you may notice if you’re driving with a bad battery is issues with various electrical components in your vehicle. The battery supplies power for things like wipers, headlights, and other electronics.
Dashboard Warning Light
If your battery dashboard warning light is illuminated, you should have your battery looked at by a certified technician right away. While this could indicate a malfunction with another system, such as the alternator, this light frequently means your battery needs to be replaced.
Enlarged Battery Case
Your car battery produces power through a chemical reaction. When this reaction malfunctions, it can lead to a swollen battery case. If your battery looks enlarged or if there are any obvious bulges, this can mean your battery is beyond repair.
Odd Smell
In addition to causing swelling, a malfunctioning battery can vent gases and acid that
willcan produce an unpleasant smell similar to rotten eggs. If you notice this smell under your hood, it’s important to see a technician as your battery may need to be replaced, and leaking acid can cause other car troubles if not addressed quickly.
For a service team that can deal with battery problems, you can always rely on our crew here at the Jack Miller Parts Center.

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