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Why Buy Genuine OEM Parts | North Kansas City, MO

Why Buy Genuine OEM Parts | North Kansas City, MO

As both drivers and consumers, we’re always looking to get the most bang for our back. We spend a lot of time in our cars, and we’re always trying to maximize comfort and performance without having to shell out needless money. An important way to keep your car in tip-top shape and make sure it stays that way is to buy genuine OEM parts when getting repairs and routine maintenance performed on your car.

Here are a couple reasons why we at Jack Miller Parts think buying genuine OEM parts is the best way to go.

1. Quality and Durability of Parts
Cheap, knock-off car parts are commercially available, but you have no idea what materials these parts are manufactured with and if they are as precisely engineered as the original part you’re replacing. Our bet is that they are not. Genuine OEM parts ensure quality, fit, and optimal functionality.

Moreover, when buying non-OEM parts, it is very likely that you sacrifice both the quality of the part and, as a result, the part’s durability. You can be confident that OEM parts are made from high-end, carefully developed materials meant specifically to endure everyday wear-and-tear. You can have confidence in the durability of genuine OEM parts.

2. Potential Warranty and Compatibility Problems

If you replace something in your car with a non-OEM part, you may violate the warranty on your car parts, causing you to be unable to file a warranty claim if the non-OEM part causes damage to your vehicle. Here, we run into the issue that non-OEM parts may not be truly compatible with your car, potentially causing damage or malfunction in other parts. For example, many cars are getting more and more technologically advanced and require certain connectivity and communication between parts, and the non-OEM parts may not come equipped with these capabilities. Genuine OEM parts will definitely be compatible with your car, making them the safer and more reliable part to buy in the end.

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